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SKY MELTS & ICE BREAKS by Adrian Mc Grath

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SKY MELTS & ICE BREAKS by Adrian Mc Grath

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  • Tapahtumapaikka: MAA-TILA
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In his exhibition SKY MELTS & ICE BREAKS, at Maa-Tila, Adrian Mc Grath presents new works which mark a notable transition in his practice away from merely identifying hazards, onto suggesting a possibility of healing from them. This healing could be seen as a personal resurrection, or renewal, but for this to occur some form of death must be experienced, and it is through these current works in SKY MELTS & ICE BREAKS, that Mc Grath signals an ultimate end, an end in which one sheds all parts of the present self, even hope, only to somehow rise and rebuild. A necessary end, but one within a process of going on, contradictory of course, but sincere belief in the descent is necessary for one to discard all of now. Mc Grath allows the drastic seasonal changes of the Finnish environment, to inform his approach to this exhibition, in order to strike a most common chord for all who have known it’s harsh winters, and the consequentially more delightful springs.