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14. Fjolla Hoxha

24 syytä tehdä taidetta

Kutsuimme 24 eri taiteilijaa tai taiteilijaryhmää julistamaan miksi he tekevät taidetta. Julkaisemme päivittäin heidän vastauksiaan jouluaattoon asti joulukuussa 2020.


Facebook notes 


As of November 1st, 2020, facebook decided to discontinue their option for publishing ‘notes’. I learned this when I was trying to access my old notes, which contain poetry, essays, theatre reviews, monologues from films I watched, my dreams and snippets from books I read. 


I guess if facebook gives one the right to use their medium to share writings, it can take it away as well, just as easily, although this action is suspicious. I suppose it doesn’t bring them as much benefit to document what people think compared to what people buy.  


Either way, I looked for some tips about how to extract my work from these notes and save them where I have more authority than facebook and realized that I had shared 60 texts, in word document, with a font size 12, about 122 pages, not double spaced. Around 28 500 words shared in public, despite the ethically dubious medium, still give me the agency to determine myself as a writer.  


My first inclination is to convey the world around and within me in words. I wrote my first poem which was about three fishes in my aquarium (whilst I never had an aquarium), when I was 7 years old.  


I write to pour out emotions so that I can make space for new ones. I write to make sense of events around me. I write to materialize my imagination and my subconscious unveiled to me in my day and night dreams. I write in my native language, Albanian, in English and in my second language, Turkish.  


Here, I share with you a poem I translated from Albanian into English which has a French title.  


J’adore Tomislav Markovic 

I want to make a T-shirt with this inscription 

But our folk would beat me up to death 

Or they’d whip me up with ignorance 

If Toma were a rock star 

(I am taking the liberty here to caress his name) 

I would had been a groupie 

And on his concert 

I would wiggle my tits out 

And cheer with screams 

mainos alkaa

Like the teenage girls did for the Beatles. 

Yesterday I was reading his book 

‘Time of death and fun’ 

translated by Fadil Bajraj – 

I’d wiggle my tits for him too! 

I squeezed the book in my chest 

Like Tito who inserted the books tied with a belt 

Not to let them get wet from the rain 

That’s how it should have been 

That’s how it was told in the reading book. 

Tito must have had a wide chest! 

I wanted to ask for Toma’s signature 

But then I would have become exactly a groupie.

To ask for an autograph 

From a boy who fights glorification 

It’s like masturbating 

While watching Hitler’s speeches. 

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